As a criminal defendant you have rights guaranteed to you by the United States Constitution and the Oklahoma State Constitution. My job as a criminal defense attorney is to ensure your rights are protected. Good people make mistakes. I will work to make sure your mistakes do not define you. I will work to make sure that the court knows what kind of person you really are so it can take this into consideration when deciding your case. Innocent defendants may be charged with crimes they did not commit. This has been proven over and over again through the use of methods such as DNA evidence. In this situation, my job is to evaluate all of the evidence and to put forth a defense that proves your innocence.


As your defense attorney, I will work hard to ensure you get the very best representation possible, work to prove your innocence, or I will work to make sure that if you did commit a crime that the court looks favorably upon you during sentencing. Further, I will work with the District Attorney's Office to ensure you are treated fairly and that you receive the very best deal possible from them. If you are in trouble or know someone who is, please contact me and I will make sure your rights are protected. I handle all types of criminal issues, such as drug offenses, DUI, public intoxication, and an array of other offenses. Please contact me immediately if you are in need of criminal representation or if you need assistance expunging a crime from your record. Click on the button and complete the form to email me right now. 

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